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Inspiration: Mike Brodie (and a small update).

Another photography inspiration this week. I’m mainly working on photography projects at the moment so accordingly it is this kind of imagery that is interesting me the most.

 Anyway on to the photos; American photographer Mike Brodie left home as a teenager to ride the rails. He documented his travels and produced many beautiful images, such as the one shown above. I’ve never been much of a documentary photographer so I find I am always super impressed by anyone is talented in that field. Mike Brodies work is well worth seeking out beyond the images I have provided. His composition, portraits, use of colour and depictions of landscapes are inspiring to any photographer regardless of their usual subject matter.

Oh and the update: I have a job interview tomorrow. It is something that might be good for me on many levels so… fingers crossed.


Update: Crow Crow Collective.

I recently joined a new art group called the Crow Crow Collective. It is very early days but should result in some interesting work. Here are the lovely members:

  • Joanna Zylinska: I mentioned her work in the previous entry 😉
  • Sean: art, magazine, radio… he is involved in the lot.
  • Susan Leen: She doesn’t have a website yet but you will probably be able to check her work out on the Crow Crow collective blog relatively soon.
  • Denise Hickey: Last but certainly not least, the lady behind the idea and the founder of the collective.

We are looking for all sorts of opportunities (exhibition, collaboration etc) so if you have a project let us know… until we have a website you can do that by emailing me: amy[at]amyseven.com.

University of Central Lancashire Exhibition


my work!

my work!

Ok……. I put my UCLan work up today. Twas stressful resulting in a slightly grumpy/sleepy version of me. However it is done! I’m not sure of the layout right now to be honest. I can’t even look at the photograph because I become pointlessly critical. It can’t be changed now so I just need to chill out 😀


a section from my final piece

a section from my final piece

Things are quite hectic at the moment. Wrapping up the final bits and pieces of my course and preparing for my final shows. Despite some rare instances of organisation on my part unexpected stuff has occured which has knocked my plans a little bit. So the website is a little neglected. Hopefully by the end of this week things should be a little more on track.