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My week has been a pretty weird… if yours has been a bit stressful too relax and numb your brain by checking out these links and indulging in the sweet act of procrastination:

– Like looking at pretty pictures? Check out the Terrie Tanaka website. They have some great stylists, photographers and MUA’s on their books so if you are needing inspiration and can’t be arsed trawling through Flickr it is worth a look. I got to meet the Terrie Tanaka team this week and lets say they are some of the most interesting workaholics you are ever likely to meet…

– Looking for a decent reputable internship? This website is government run and has internships connections for most industries.

– Luxirare’s work will have you throwing an anxiety/jealousy induced fit in no time. Her talent is suspiscious – I think she might be a robot.

That is all.



– I should really look at this website regularly but I don’t… but it has some very useful photography job listings.

– Redesigning and building a website? Like I should be instead of wasting time on the internet? Here’s some inspiration.

– I want a subscription to this company more than a fat kid wants cake.

–  Jewellery making is kind of interesting me right now. Not your crafty, beady, hippy nonsense something more substantial.

That is all for now. I will be updating with some new postcard collages and news of a new writing gig very sooooon.