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I <3 the Acquired Collective

A quick message from the depths of reorganisation…

Acquired Collective have been posting lovely things: http://www.acquiredcollective.blogspot.com/. Such as this rather pretty collage by Sarah Tompkins:

phoenix cards by Sarah Tompkins


And this is my recent contribution. Its kind of creepy.

peek: playing cards

That is all for now ;D



I’m really sneaky.

I stole this lovely picture from Evie Mannings Facebook.

Its my little photo-collage book all the way away in London. Awwww. It went there all by its lonesome so it is a very brave photo-collage book. Very well done to Evie and the rest of the Utrophia crew – the exhibition looked great.

Moving on… I’m keeping myself busy with a top secret project – its nearing completion. Fingers crossed it works out for the best 😉 aaaand going to the legend that is Solfest. I will be taking pictures for Nowt zine 😀

Acquired Collective

My little postcard collage is up on Acquired Collective:


My collage for the Acquired Collective

My collage for the Acquired Collective

There is a lot of other fun work there as well so make sure you check it out.
I really like this postcard which was altered by Fabio Sassi:

Postcard remix for the Acquired Collective

Postcard remix for the Acquired Collective