Visuals: This Week.


I have popped up for air from Christmas madness/fear/disorder to post my latest portraiture/fashion shoot. I was working for the first time with Vicky. Vicky wants to work professionally within the modeling industry and I dare say she will. If you want to work with her you can contact her here.

We battled against the cold and lack of bridges and I think we came up with some pretty good shots. It is my favourite potraiture shoot to date so I’m definitely pleased.


Inspiration: Mike Brodie (and a small update).

Another photography inspiration this week. I’m mainly working on photography projects at the moment so accordingly it is this kind of imagery that is interesting me the most.

 Anyway on to the photos; American photographer Mike Brodie left home as a teenager to ride the rails. He documented his travels and produced many beautiful images, such as the one shown above. I’ve never been much of a documentary photographer so I find I am always super impressed by anyone is talented in that field. Mike Brodies work is well worth seeking out beyond the images I have provided. His composition, portraits, use of colour and depictions of landscapes are inspiring to any photographer regardless of their usual subject matter.

Oh and the update: I have a job interview tomorrow. It is something that might be good for me on many levels so… fingers crossed.

Visuals: This Week.

Northside Bridge, Workington.

These pictures were taken in Workington, Cumbria. Cumbria recently faced record breaking rainfall resulting in flooding throughout the region.Some of Workingtons bridges were washed away entirely. Northside Bridge was an important main road for the town. When it fell it split the town in two.

I managed to get near the infamous bridge. It is so strange to see in person, it seems like something from a dream. The bridge was something we all took for granted – we used it everyday and thought little of its fragility – and now its gone. Very odd times.

Click here to find out more.

Visuals: From the Archive.

Not much this week – I’ve been editing pictures for other projects so not much time to work on older photographs. I found some old images I took around Workington and near the Steelworks. Most need re-edited (not keen on the edit I did at the time, too saturated and dark). Oh well back to pixel shifting….

Update: Crow Crow Collective.

I recently joined a new art group called the Crow Crow Collective. It is very early days but should result in some interesting work. Here are the lovely members:

  • Joanna Zylinska: I mentioned her work in the previous entry 😉
  • Sean: art, magazine, radio… he is involved in the lot.
  • Susan Leen: She doesn’t have a website yet but you will probably be able to check her work out on the Crow Crow collective blog relatively soon.
  • Denise Hickey: Last but certainly not least, the lady behind the idea and the founder of the collective.

We are looking for all sorts of opportunities (exhibition, collaboration etc) so if you have a project let us know… until we have a website you can do that by emailing me: amy[at]

Inspiration: Joanna Zylinska

I very recently became involved in a new artist collective based in London (more of that at a later date). Joanna Zylinska is a member of that collective as well as a photographer, lecturer, artist and writer.

I found her series ‘Will you ever go back?’ particularly intriguing. It is an exploration of our personal and emotional relationships with the home towns in which we are born and bred.

In her own words:

“What does it mean to want to return home? Or not to want to, for that matter? What do we take with us when we leave? What do we leave behind? Most importantly, is there much point in talking about returning if we haven’t yet established whether ‘leaving home’ is ever even an option?”

My work has taken a new direction recently. Both my commercial photography and art work is becoming more influenced by the notion of home and up bringing.  I am particularly influenced by the idea of home being something that is always with us, whether we like it or not. Zylinska’s photography really captures that bittersweet familarity we all experience when encountered with the places we thought we had left, or the places we thought had left us.



Visuals: This Week.

Weird happenings in the homeland this week. Constant rain, the floods, all the bridges collapsing and the tragedy of a local policeman’s death. Weird times – so odd to think my week started so calmly. It is a pretty thought-provoking time (though I am not sure I feel comfortable completely expressing those thoughts publicly). Workington has faced some hard times… but everyone keeps going. I’m pretty proud of that. I think I will leave it at that.

On Sunday I photographed my friend Natasha. We have known each other since college and she is a model… but we only just got round to ‘shooting. I lose confidence in my work easily so it was nice to get back into portraiture/fashion type work again. Natasha is a great model – professional and hard-working. So getting back into photography with her help has been really fun and a productive experience. I have a few more shoots lined up – its baby steps compared to the madness that happened in summer but it feels much more constructive and more deliberate in intention than what I was doing at that time.