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Visuals: This Week.

Weird happenings in the homeland this week. Constant rain, the floods, all the bridges collapsing and the tragedy of a local policeman’s death. Weird times – so odd to think my week started so calmly. It is a pretty thought-provoking time (though I am not sure I feel comfortable completely expressing those thoughts publicly). Workington has faced some hard times… but everyone keeps going. I’m pretty proud of that. I think I will leave it at that.

On Sunday I photographed my friend Natasha. We have known each other since college and she is a model… but we only just got round to ‘shooting. I lose confidence in my work easily so it was nice to get back into portraiture/fashion type work again. Natasha is a great model – professional and hard-working. So getting back into photography with her help has been really fun and a productive experience. I have a few more shoots lined up – its baby steps compared to the madness that happened in summer but it feels much more constructive and more deliberate in intention than what I was doing at that time.



– I should really look at this website regularly but I don’t… but it has some very useful photography job listings.

– Redesigning and building a website? Like I should be instead of wasting time on the internet? Here’s some inspiration.

– I want a subscription to this company more than a fat kid wants cake.

–  Jewellery making is kind of interesting me right now. Not your crafty, beady, hippy nonsense something more substantial.

That is all for now. I will be updating with some new postcard collages and news of a new writing gig very sooooon.


Alrighty. I’m writing a few articles for different arty type magazines so hopefully I will be updating on Thursdays with, well, words. Words directly from the articles, quotes, other peoples articles. Plenty of words. It will probably mainly cover art related subjects but it is a pretty broad spectrum – film, fine art, music – whatever it is I happen to be researching and writing about.

If that is your type of thing be sure to check back then.

This week: Empty Shop Syndrome.

Yep the latest thing hitting the British high street: artists. A truly terrifying thought on many levels. It was covered really well in Fiona Flynn’s article for Q-Art London and the subsequent debate in A-N magazine:

“Art spaces as alternatives to shops are, I say, no help to struggling retailers who need spending punters back on the high street. Indeed, to suggest that art spaces can act as a counter-balance to retail blight isn’t just mistaken, in terms of helping other shops attract customers. The idea of art as a government policy tool to dampen the effects of the recession and give a cheery outlook on blighted high streets demeans art itself.” Fiona Flynn.

 “It is true that thousands of shops will close this year, and this trend will continue. This is widely acknowledged to be a result of a cataclysmic change in our habits, an inevitable result of Web2 where goods can be selected, paid for and delivered the following day. Combined with the withdrawal of lines of credit and the difficulty of parking, the future of town centres looks bleak indeed. Perhaps we should start thinking that maybe this is the future of town centres, as places to buy local produce in an environment dominated by music, fun and art, the good things in life.” Dorian Kelly.

I’ve also recently written an article for a small arts magazine that covers the basic structure of this debate (it has been submitted but not confirmed as accepted yet so I won’t be putting it online for a little bit). However I would be really interested in anyone’s thoughts on it all. Do you side with Fiona and think these schemes have little in the way of merit or use? Or do you think this is a case of creative individuals finally staking a decent claim in the retail landscape? Personally I am rather dull in my opinions on this matter as I fall somewhere roughly in the middle. I think these schemes have a lot of potential to offer (and I have seen some of that action firsthand) but I feel there is a lot of half arsed attempts out there too. The lazier offerings not only cheapen the whole idea but can also be worrying distracting from the main point: that we are in recession, change is needed and that can only occur through well planned and forward thinking proposals.



print this out and come along!

print this out and come along!


The day is getting close! Tomorrow I return to Preston to put my work up. I’m kind of dreading it. I can foresee a million problems occuring. And my confidence in my work is up and down like a yo-yo. I guess thats kind of natural though! Luckily the old man is coming along to help me so it should be a laugh.

print it out and come along!

print it out and come along!

I designed these flyers myself. I’m just beginning to dabble in graphic design so they aren’t perfect but were alot of fun to make. I made a whole bunch of promotional material lately so I will post soon with all that jazz.

This week…

has been a blur.


a section from my final piece

a section from my final piece

Things are quite hectic at the moment. Wrapping up the final bits and pieces of my course and preparing for my final shows. Despite some rare instances of organisation on my part unexpected stuff has occured which has knocked my plans a little bit. So the website is a little neglected. Hopefully by the end of this week things should be a little more on track.

This week….

Ok in the spirit of helping me keep this website/blog active  I am going to have a Sunday feature that kind of reviews the week. It will probably change alot, involve random unamusing ramblings and could very well be a massive waste of time. However it will mean I will actually have to go online and update. 

Here we go…



Siouxsie and the Banshees. My inner goth is pleased by this. My neighbours are not. 


Mirror to Russia by Marie Noele Kelly. I got this book for the princely sum of one whole English pound. It was printed in 1952 and is an exploration of soviet russian life written by a diplomats wife. To be entirely honest I originally bought it because I liked the cover design. However its turning out to be a good read – Its will be a travel guide in many aspects (a diplomats wife in 1950s Russia is unlikely to write anything else) but its interesting.


Family Guy/Scrubs: The ultimate productivity killer.

Changeling (director Clint Eastwood): Surprisingly good. Though I think that has alot to do with the back story to it being true. Its unsettling that it could of really happened. Angelina Jolie is plays the main character – her acting seems back to form in this though I am not sure if I found her entirely believable a a single mother. To watch her on screen its hard to forget the fact she is Angelina Jolie, the serial adopter and Brad Pitt thief.

Ok that will do. This kind of internet blogging scares me. I fear I will just end up a massive blogging geek. So now I am off to go and live in the real world. Or just watch too much crap Sunday T.V…