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Inspiration: Roksana Mical

I spotted this series of Roksana Mical’s work on Coilhouse. Both images are from the series ‘Marcell’. I think they have a great feel to them as if they are depicting a folklore tale or a dream. I like the sense of progression through the images – like an important but very final journey is taking place. Recently memory and time have become quite influential concepts in my work and while doing my research imagery to do with travel and environment keep popping up. I can see that it is all going to mesh together eventually. I have a few new ideas for photoshoots too but I’m not sure if I feel quite so brave to actually do them…


Alrighty. I’m writing a few articles for different arty type magazines so hopefully I will be updating on Thursdays with, well, words. Words directly from the articles, quotes, other peoples articles. Plenty of words. It will probably mainly cover art related subjects but it is a pretty broad spectrum – film, fine art, music – whatever it is I happen to be researching and writing about.

If that is your type of thing be sure to check back then.

This week: Empty Shop Syndrome.

Yep the latest thing hitting the British high street: artists. A truly terrifying thought on many levels. It was covered really well in Fiona Flynn’s article for Q-Art London and the subsequent debate in A-N magazine:

“Art spaces as alternatives to shops are, I say, no help to struggling retailers who need spending punters back on the high street. Indeed, to suggest that art spaces can act as a counter-balance to retail blight isn’t just mistaken, in terms of helping other shops attract customers. The idea of art as a government policy tool to dampen the effects of the recession and give a cheery outlook on blighted high streets demeans art itself.” Fiona Flynn.

 “It is true that thousands of shops will close this year, and this trend will continue. This is widely acknowledged to be a result of a cataclysmic change in our habits, an inevitable result of Web2 where goods can be selected, paid for and delivered the following day. Combined with the withdrawal of lines of credit and the difficulty of parking, the future of town centres looks bleak indeed. Perhaps we should start thinking that maybe this is the future of town centres, as places to buy local produce in an environment dominated by music, fun and art, the good things in life.” Dorian Kelly.

I’ve also recently written an article for a small arts magazine that covers the basic structure of this debate (it has been submitted but not confirmed as accepted yet so I won’t be putting it online for a little bit). However I would be really interested in anyone’s thoughts on it all. Do you side with Fiona and think these schemes have little in the way of merit or use? Or do you think this is a case of creative individuals finally staking a decent claim in the retail landscape? Personally I am rather dull in my opinions on this matter as I fall somewhere roughly in the middle. I think these schemes have a lot of potential to offer (and I have seen some of that action firsthand) but I feel there is a lot of half arsed attempts out there too. The lazier offerings not only cheapen the whole idea but can also be worrying distracting from the main point: that we are in recession, change is needed and that can only occur through well planned and forward thinking proposals.


Mailout Magazine

My graduate work ‘hoodie’ is being shown in September/October/November issue of Mailout Magazine. It is a great magazine that avoids the Londoncentric trap and acknowledges a wide range of art work from across the U.K. Their mission statement focuses on inclusion in the arts so if that is your sort of thing get yourself over to their website sharpish: I was really surprised to see ‘hoodie’ featured – my work has continued to evolve since then so it is quite strange to see this series out in real world again!

Some of the work featured in the magazine

Featured work...

I <3 the Acquired Collective

A quick message from the depths of reorganisation…

Acquired Collective have been posting lovely things: Such as this rather pretty collage by Sarah Tompkins:

phoenix cards by Sarah Tompkins


And this is my recent contribution. Its kind of creepy.

peek: playing cards

That is all for now ;D



I’m really sneaky.

I stole this lovely picture from Evie Mannings Facebook.

Its my little photo-collage book all the way away in London. Awwww. It went there all by its lonesome so it is a very brave photo-collage book. Very well done to Evie and the rest of the Utrophia crew – the exhibition looked great.

Moving on… I’m keeping myself busy with a top secret project – its nearing completion. Fingers crossed it works out for the best 😉 aaaand going to the legend that is Solfest. I will be taking pictures for Nowt zine 😀

Nowt Zine


West Coast baaaby

West Coast baaaby

My last post is now wildly inaccurate. I have very little time for anything (in the best way possible of course).

Anyway a new mini project is on the horizon: Nowt Zine. My role in all this is to lend my art faggy opinions and visuals. I will leave it to Marion, the zines magical creator, to explain its purpose further:

A music fanzine based in West Cumbria. Since bands who play in places like Monroes and CockRock are ending up on 6Music and the Fly with alarming regularity, it seems only right that someone should ride in on the coat-tails of this coolness and document the local music goings on in a fanzine / webzine. Watch this space for exciting new developments, coming soon!

Nowt Zine is looking for contributions: We like them varied (and we quite like some funny) so…

  • The Written Word. Especially if its music/art/culture related. However we are open to anything interesting really.
  • Pretty Pictures. Photographs, artwork, illustration and cartoons: if you’ve got it we might just want it. If you’re work is pretty good and you ask nicely it might end up on our featured artist page. Note: the zine is printed using good old fashioned photocopies. Its an advantage if your work looks good printed in high contrast and black and white.
  • Lastly and most importantly: This is a zine based in Cumbria. We are mainly looking for contributors from Cumbria or with connections to the area. This applies to the work as well – it is more likely to be chosen if it relates to the local area. Consider yourself warned 😉

Did you read all that?


Interested? Want to know more?

Here is our email: 

and here is some links:

Busy busy times

Hello world!

Unexpected opportunities have been appearing – exciting ones at that. Not sure if they will go anywhere but it gave me the chance to have a hectic and exhaustingly fun adventure to London. Things should finally be calmer for awhile now. Hopefully I can get caught up on everything!

Now the excuses are out the way… I offer you this:

Its a great review of the Body Collective exhibition. Because of aforementioned last minute madness I didn’t get to see the opening of this show – however this gives a really good insight into the event. I’ve only just discovered The Lunecy Review but I am going to be keeping my beady eye on it. Good reviews of exhibitions in the South Lakes/Lancaster are hard to find so The Lunecy Reviews appears to handily fill that void… go check it out 😉