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Hello internetz. I have completed some illustrations for Supersweet Magazine. Though ignoring my illustration efforts entirely, you should follow the link to read the article anyway as it contains invaluable hair advice. Like, the most important advice you might ever receive. The kind of stuff you will contemplate on your death bed. Go. Now.


Update: Crow Crow Collective.

I recently joined a new art group called the Crow Crow Collective. It is very early days but should result in some interesting work. Here are the lovely members:

  • Joanna Zylinska: I mentioned her work in the previous entry 😉
  • Sean: art, magazine, radio… he is involved in the lot.
  • Susan Leen: She doesn’t have a website yet but you will probably be able to check her work out on the Crow Crow collective blog relatively soon.
  • Denise Hickey: Last but certainly not least, the lady behind the idea and the founder of the collective.

We are looking for all sorts of opportunities (exhibition, collaboration etc) so if you have a project let us know… until we have a website you can do that by emailing me: amy[at]

Inspiration: Joanna Zylinska

I very recently became involved in a new artist collective based in London (more of that at a later date). Joanna Zylinska is a member of that collective as well as a photographer, lecturer, artist and writer.

I found her series ‘Will you ever go back?’ particularly intriguing. It is an exploration of our personal and emotional relationships with the home towns in which we are born and bred.

In her own words:

“What does it mean to want to return home? Or not to want to, for that matter? What do we take with us when we leave? What do we leave behind? Most importantly, is there much point in talking about returning if we haven’t yet established whether ‘leaving home’ is ever even an option?”

My work has taken a new direction recently. Both my commercial photography and art work is becoming more influenced by the notion of home and up bringing.  I am particularly influenced by the idea of home being something that is always with us, whether we like it or not. Zylinska’s photography really captures that bittersweet familarity we all experience when encountered with the places we thought we had left, or the places we thought had left us.



Word. Mookychick.

I have written an article for the online magazine Mookychick. It has tips and advice for travelling to Berlin. To celebrate this fact I have included random Berlin photographs with this post. Generous. Oh yeah.

I will be writing  more travel articles soon so keep an eye out for updates.


My week has been a pretty weird… if yours has been a bit stressful too relax and numb your brain by checking out these links and indulging in the sweet act of procrastination:

– Like looking at pretty pictures? Check out the Terrie Tanaka website. They have some great stylists, photographers and MUA’s on their books so if you are needing inspiration and can’t be arsed trawling through Flickr it is worth a look. I got to meet the Terrie Tanaka team this week and lets say they are some of the most interesting workaholics you are ever likely to meet…

– Looking for a decent reputable internship? This website is government run and has internships connections for most industries.

– Luxirare’s work will have you throwing an anxiety/jealousy induced fit in no time. Her talent is suspiscious – I think she might be a robot.

That is all.

Word. Bellyflop: Markus Schinwald.

Bellyflop have consumed another of my meagre articles. It is a continuation of the performance and photography series and looks at the work of Markus Schinwald.


You should go and read it. After all you wouldn’t like to upset the Belly… it is infamous for its ferocious appetite. 



– I should really look at this website regularly but I don’t… but it has some very useful photography job listings.

– Redesigning and building a website? Like I should be instead of wasting time on the internet? Here’s some inspiration.

– I want a subscription to this company more than a fat kid wants cake.

–  Jewellery making is kind of interesting me right now. Not your crafty, beady, hippy nonsense something more substantial.

That is all for now. I will be updating with some new postcard collages and news of a new writing gig very sooooon.