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Inspiration: Mike Brodie (and a small update).

Another photography inspiration this week. I’m mainly working on photography projects at the moment so accordingly it is this kind of imagery that is interesting me the most.

 Anyway on to the photos; American photographer Mike Brodie left home as a teenager to ride the rails. He documented his travels and produced many beautiful images, such as the one shown above. I’ve never been much of a documentary photographer so I find I am always super impressed by anyone is talented in that field. Mike Brodies work is well worth seeking out beyond the images I have provided. His composition, portraits, use of colour and depictions of landscapes are inspiring to any photographer regardless of their usual subject matter.

Oh and the update: I have a job interview tomorrow. It is something that might be good for me on many levels so… fingers crossed.


Inspiration: Joanna Zylinska

I very recently became involved in a new artist collective based in London (more of that at a later date). Joanna Zylinska is a member of that collective as well as a photographer, lecturer, artist and writer.

I found her series ‘Will you ever go back?’ particularly intriguing. It is an exploration of our personal and emotional relationships with the home towns in which we are born and bred.

In her own words:

“What does it mean to want to return home? Or not to want to, for that matter? What do we take with us when we leave? What do we leave behind? Most importantly, is there much point in talking about returning if we haven’t yet established whether ‘leaving home’ is ever even an option?”

My work has taken a new direction recently. Both my commercial photography and art work is becoming more influenced by the notion of home and up bringing.  I am particularly influenced by the idea of home being something that is always with us, whether we like it or not. Zylinska’s photography really captures that bittersweet familarity we all experience when encountered with the places we thought we had left, or the places we thought had left us.



Word. Bellyflop: Markus Schinwald.

Bellyflop have consumed another of my meagre articles. It is a continuation of the performance and photography series and looks at the work of Markus Schinwald.


You should go and read it. After all you wouldn’t like to upset the Belly… it is infamous for its ferocious appetite. 


Inspiration: Roksana Mical

I spotted this series of Roksana Mical’s work on Coilhouse. Both images are from the series ‘Marcell’. I think they have a great feel to them as if they are depicting a folklore tale or a dream. I like the sense of progression through the images – like an important but very final journey is taking place. Recently memory and time have become quite influential concepts in my work and while doing my research imagery to do with travel and environment keep popping up. I can see that it is all going to mesh together eventually. I have a few new ideas for photoshoots too but I’m not sure if I feel quite so brave to actually do them…

Annette Habel

anna by annette habel

anna by annette habel

While I was in London for my degree show I spotted Annettes work in a building opposite the Whitechapel Gallery. Her work showing at that time was a series called Falling Bodies (which has a rather interesting accompanying essay). However when I checked out her website I fell in love with her series  entitled ‘1 Minute Portraits’. This is her description of the work:

I asked the subjects to remain absolutely still during the minute-long exposures for these pinhole camera portraits. The photographs reveal this task to be impossible: the inevitable movements caused by breathing, twitching, blinking – shifts so small that the eye hardly registers them – cause blurring and dissolution in the image.

The photographs could be read as a manifestation of failure; they could also be read as a record of being, as solidified intervals of life. It is one of the paradoxes of photography that the living tend to blur and dissolve in the photographic image

I would love to get back into portraiture and to see such a creative and thoughtful approach is really inspiring. All in all shes a talented photographer (and circus performer!) so I think she will be one to watch.

Clicky click:


Things seem to be beginning to pick up around here… If anyone out there would like to give me feedback, suggestions for blog topics, comments on my artwork, or whatever else that is randomly rattling in your mind.. please feel free to comment here or on I am new to all this blogging lark so I need all the help I can get!

A quick collage from ages ago... Its something I am thiking of expanding and improving on

A quick collage from ages ago... Its something I am thinking of expanding and improving

Oh ad I realise the photo of the week had a rather quick demise. It will be ressurected. Trying such things when planning an exhibition, applying for jobs and moving house was perhaps ambitious if not downright silly.

The Scathingly Brilliant: Vanessa Heaton

Winter Trees by Vanessa Heaton

Winter Trees by Vanessa Heaton

Vanessa Heaton is one of those people who makes Etsy so addictive and so dangerous for the pocket. 

A collector of fineries:

A talented artist:

Vanessa’s collecting spirit and artisitic eye has led to the creation of her new blog:

The website does what it says on the tin. ScathinglyBrilliantIdeas acts as an assembly point for all the inspiring and interesting pieces that pop up on Etsy. Definitely worth checking out when you have the must-spend-money-right-now Etsy itch. I only hope she begins featuring her own work…. I would be intrigued to read about the ideas that inspired her individual prints.