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Visuals: From the Archive

More from the archive…

I plan on updating with something different to archive pictures soon. Life hasn’t been to internet friendly so updating has been tricky. Ive been completing and planning new projects so it is hard to be focused on the site at the moment. Its all good though ūüėČ


Visuals: Back Catalogue

More pictures from¬†my mysterious¬†hard drive. I took these on a walk in summer –¬†I was enjoying the¬†sunshine so lots of weird mistakes with the focus and such like. I kind of like ’em though. If I stare at them long enough I’m hoping the world will get magically warmer.

I’ve sorted through my negatives recently – a terrifying ordeal. They need scanned in and such so I might be popping back with some more interesting images quite soon.

Inspiration: Roksana Mical

I spotted this series of Roksana Mical’s¬†work¬†on Coilhouse.¬†Both images are from the series ‘Marcell’. I think they have a great feel to them as if they are depicting a folklore tale or a dream. I like the sense of progression through the images – like an important but very final journey is taking place. Recently memory and time¬†have become quite¬†influential¬†concepts in my work and¬†while doing¬†my research imagery to do¬†with travel and environment¬†keep popping up.¬†I can see that it is all going to mesh together eventually. I have a few new ideas for photoshoots too but I’m not sure if I feel quite so brave to actually do them…

Mailout Magazine

My graduate work ‘hoodie’ is being shown in September/October/November issue of Mailout Magazine. It is a great magazine that avoids the Londoncentric trap and¬†acknowledges a wide range of art work from¬†across the U.K. Their mission statement focuses on inclusion in the arts so if that is your sort of thing get yourself over to their website sharpish: I was really surprised to see¬†‘hoodie’ featured – my work has continued to evolve since then so it is quite strange to see this series out in real world again!

Some of the work featured in the magazine

Featured work...

The end of summer…

Katy in the sun

Katy in the sun

Long Live Autumn…

I <3 the Acquired Collective

A quick message from the depths of reorganisation…

Acquired Collective have been posting lovely things: Such as this rather pretty collage by Sarah Tompkins:

phoenix cards by Sarah Tompkins


And this is my recent contribution. Its kind of creepy.

peek: playing cards

That is all for now ;D



I’m still alive.

This is true.

Normality has resumed recently allowing me more time to figure a few things out. So one of these ‘things’ is to redo this website. This basic ¬†wordpress style was just supposed to be temporary but its resembling something dangerously permanent.¬†

It might be a rather large job.

So forgive the quiet Рit is a sign of better things and schemes. If you need to know anything in the meanwhile feel free to contact me: