I’ve got some work showing in exhibitions down in Manchester… both are kicking off this weekend… and for once I will get to see it all. Which never happens. I’m normally working – so woo hoo! This post is going to have to be quick and probably won’t make any sense – I’m on the move – so you know, click on the links, they will provide information about the exhibitions in a much more logical manner.

Here’s whats happening:

Blankweekend: 12-14 November

I big old art trail through the centre of Manchester with street performers and related shenanigans. My work is in the Hive centre on Lever Street with loads of other lovely work

NOISE Secret Santa Fundraiser

This should be really fun to see – loads of postcards from both established artists and guys like me who are just starting out:

“The cards will be available to buy for ONE day only on Saturday 20th November, from 12pm – 6pm at NOISELAB, Market Street, Manchester.”

“Proceeds from the postcard and mural sale will go direct to the NOISE Charity. The NOISE Charity currently receives no core funding for its work. In today’s current economic climate, this fundraiser will help us to continue the work we do to promote emerging artists.”

So you can see them now, buy later, and feel charitable.

The artists involved are a diverse bunch – in a good way – check out the website to find out more.

Ok, got to run 🙂


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