Visuals: This Week.

Weird happenings in the homeland this week. Constant rain, the floods, all the bridges collapsing and the tragedy of a local policeman’s death. Weird times – so odd to think my week started so calmly. It is a pretty thought-provoking time (though I am not sure I feel comfortable completely expressing those thoughts publicly). Workington has faced some hard times… but everyone keeps going. I’m pretty proud of that. I think I will leave it at that.

On Sunday I photographed my friend Natasha. We have known each other since college and she is a model… but we only just got round to ‘shooting. I lose confidence in my work easily so it was nice to get back into portraiture/fashion type work again. Natasha is a great model – professional and hard-working. So getting back into photography with her help has been really fun and a productive experience. I have a few more shoots lined up – its baby steps compared to the madness that happened in summer but it feels much more constructive and more deliberate in intention than what I was doing at that time.


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