Here are a bunch of links that have informed and distracted me this week. Go on feast your bored hungry little eyes on this lot:

‘The challenge for artists may be to ensure that love of the soap-box does not become the dominant motivation behind their curiosity. The challenge for museums may be to continue to find the courage to offer the microphone to voices, which have not yet been heard’. A really interesting article from David Cotterrell over at AN Magazine.

 Mailout Magazine: The magazine has some pretty good articles and occasionally they take pity on fools like me and print pictures of my work.

Handy stuff over at Q-Art: Keeping an artists blog.

 Speaking of fools (oh seamless or what?)… ‘FoolishPeople create Weaponised Art, Ritual Theatre and Film’. Yep these guys are as wonderful as they sound.

 On a much more serious note (not so seamless): Roman Poltanski. Someone finally getting to the point of the matter.

 This week I’ve loved Edward Olive’s updates on Flickr. His photography is pretty much perfection.

 I ❤ Yayoi Kusama.

I quite like this too.


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