Nowt Zine


West Coast baaaby

West Coast baaaby

My last post is now wildly inaccurate. I have very little time for anything (in the best way possible of course).

Anyway a new mini project is on the horizon: Nowt Zine. My role in all this is to lend my art faggy opinions and visuals. I will leave it to Marion, the zines magical creator, to explain its purpose further:

A music fanzine based in West Cumbria. Since bands who play in places like Monroes and CockRock are ending up on 6Music and the Fly with alarming regularity, it seems only right that someone should ride in on the coat-tails of this coolness and document the local music goings on in a fanzine / webzine. Watch this space for exciting new developments, coming soon!

Nowt Zine is looking for contributions: We like them varied (and we quite like some funny) so…

  • The Written Word. Especially if its music/art/culture related. However we are open to anything interesting really.
  • Pretty Pictures. Photographs, artwork, illustration and cartoons: if you’ve got it we might just want it. If you’re work is pretty good and you ask nicely it might end up on our featured artist page. Note: the zine is printed using good old fashioned photocopies. Its an advantage if your work looks good printed in high contrast and black and white.
  • Lastly and most importantly: This is a zine based in Cumbria. We are mainly looking for contributors from Cumbria or with connections to the area. This applies to the work as well – it is more likely to be chosen if it relates to the local area. Consider yourself warned 😉

Did you read all that?


Interested? Want to know more?

Here is our email: 

and here is some links:


One response to “Nowt Zine

  1. “Magical creator”, eh? I should get that on business cards.

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