Exhibition news (continued)

I said that I would update and that I will do…

Lowther Arcade

I’m invigilating on the following dates from 11am  til 5pm (if there is any changes I will Twitter about it):

Monday 20th

Thursday 23rd

Friday 24th

Saturday 25th

So come along and keep me company 😀

Bank Gallery

It is looking awesome so it’s worth a look…

Art Auction

These are the pieces I will be selling:


Peek - its for sale!

Peek - its for sale!

Familiar Forms


... and this is for sale!

... and this is for sale!

and finally good old 'avec soli'

and finally 'avec soli'

Other news

Graduation is happening on the 17th so I’m pretty happy about that – but I miss out on alot of the Carlisle festivities (boo) so if anyone goes to the opening nights of the exhibitions please send some photos my way 😀 

Other than all that jazz I’m in the process of writing an new article for this lovely blog (its about La Jetee). Content is still inconsistent on here – I’m still at the trial and error of stage of working out what I like to do and what works for the site…. so bear with me a little while.

I have applied to put work in some pretty awesome independent art magazines… so fingers crossed for that. And lastly I am hunting down some more writing and graphic design work, if you know of any please let me know.

Ok thats all for now – because I really really need to pack.


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