Annette Habel

anna by annette habel

anna by annette habel

While I was in London for my degree show I spotted Annettes work in a building opposite the Whitechapel Gallery. Her work showing at that time was a series called Falling Bodies (which has a rather interesting accompanying essay). However when I checked out her website I fell in love with her series  entitled ‘1 Minute Portraits’. This is her description of the work:

I asked the subjects to remain absolutely still during the minute-long exposures for these pinhole camera portraits. The photographs reveal this task to be impossible: the inevitable movements caused by breathing, twitching, blinking – shifts so small that the eye hardly registers them – cause blurring and dissolution in the image.

The photographs could be read as a manifestation of failure; they could also be read as a record of being, as solidified intervals of life. It is one of the paradoxes of photography that the living tend to blur and dissolve in the photographic image

I would love to get back into portraiture and to see such a creative and thoughtful approach is really inspiring. All in all shes a talented photographer (and circus performer!) so I think she will be one to watch.

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  1. Dear Amy, thanks for looking at my work, and for your positive comments.

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