Jerry Jackson

Jerry Jackson

Matriarch - 2000

This guys work has so much in common with Joseph Cornell. If I get chance I will write abit more about him. Until heres Jerry Jackson in his own words:

The context of the assemblages is rooted in the historical preservation of my childhood memories and youth in the rural South. The works often mimic events in my life and relationships between family and friends. Although I have moved beyond this rural lifestyle, I find it important to capture the elements that are quickly eroding from our society. We have become a fast paced society with totally disposable elements that seem to control our lives with a negative effect. I find it especially important to capture these elements for my daughter. It is important for her to understand her family history and the importance of the events that helped shape her life.Recent work has moved beyond the use of actual family members and is currently being based on photographs and writings of people who I do not know. Stories about the unknown subjects are strictly fictional and are influenced by my life and family. This has enabled me to expand concepts and aesthetic challenges. The context is important, but only for myself. I do not feel that it is necessary for the viewer to experience my emotions . My main concern for the viewer is that they experience an aesthetically pleasing and compositionally successful image. It is up to the viewer to make up his or her own story about each work.


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