This week….

Ok in the spirit of helping me keep this website/blog active  I am going to have a Sunday feature that kind of reviews the week. It will probably change alot, involve random unamusing ramblings and could very well be a massive waste of time. However it will mean I will actually have to go online and update. 

Here we go…



Siouxsie and the Banshees. My inner goth is pleased by this. My neighbours are not. 


Mirror to Russia by Marie Noele Kelly. I got this book for the princely sum of one whole English pound. It was printed in 1952 and is an exploration of soviet russian life written by a diplomats wife. To be entirely honest I originally bought it because I liked the cover design. However its turning out to be a good read – Its will be a travel guide in many aspects (a diplomats wife in 1950s Russia is unlikely to write anything else) but its interesting.


Family Guy/Scrubs: The ultimate productivity killer.

Changeling (director Clint Eastwood): Surprisingly good. Though I think that has alot to do with the back story to it being true. Its unsettling that it could of really happened. Angelina Jolie is plays the main character – her acting seems back to form in this though I am not sure if I found her entirely believable a a single mother. To watch her on screen its hard to forget the fact she is Angelina Jolie, the serial adopter and Brad Pitt thief.

Ok that will do. This kind of internet blogging scares me. I fear I will just end up a massive blogging geek. So now I am off to go and live in the real world. Or just watch too much crap Sunday T.V…


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