Picture of the Week

Picture of the week: 09.05.09

I’ve decided to take a picture a day. Being a photography student you would think I do this all the time but I don’t! I used to take more pictures before university. I guess you get too self conscious to enjoy taking random snapshots. Ive been far too critical to enjoy them really. So to break down all that weirdness I aim to take a picture a day. I will choose a picture a week to be shown here (with the occasional out takes). The pictures will probably be awful most the time (these are far too dark and grainy, boring ( in this case its just a new dress!) but its a start. It will be an interesting experiment. 


I chose this out of the selection because I have an odd attachment to d.o.f heavy pictures. They may be overdone and sometimes say very very little but they are a good reliable supply of eye candy.


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